WiFi Billboard

WiFi Billboard is digital marketing innovation which creates new space for online advertising on existing WiFi networks, restaurants, shopping malls, parks, squares and rail or road transportation hubs, where you can introduce a product or a service, announce an event, do a survey and for all that get an accurate statistics.
WiFi Billboard system is designed for ad hoc campaigns, with limited duration, but also for large long-term advertising, subject to frequent changes, lasting for months or a year into a campaign. Through the system you can give an opportunity to a potential client to familiarize with your product, service, activity or event, with a well created commercial or advertisement, a survey, a download link to your application, or through a unique and efficient redirection to your website or desired web location. After that, it's up to you to lead the user where you want him to go.
If you want to create and manage your own campaign, we are here to provide you with an unlimited support.

How does WiFi Billboard work?

  • 1. Person connects to Media Board Free WiFi hotspot (more than 7000 locations).
  • 2. Promotial content is displayed before WiFi activation.
  • 3. Person closes the promotion and activates the free WiFi.
  • 4. Web browser opens custom site redirection.